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Directors Lab West 2000


April 17-22, 2000



Producing and Production


Core Text: 
All My Sons
by Arthur Miller


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DLW 2000 Program

DLW 2000 Quote Book

Directors Lab West 2000 was produced by the Steering Committee, in association with Greenway Arts Alliance and the Lincoln Center Theater.

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Producing Steering Committee


Nick D'Abruzzo
Ernest Figueroa

Olivia Honegger

Kappy Kilburn

Andrew Sachs


Lab Alumni


Robert Ginty

Michael Jaeger

Trent Jones

Michael Leland

Tony Phelan

Tracy Ward




Aaron Snook

Tallie Spiller



“Producing and Production" LAB 2000 - Director's Lab West 2000 was held from Monday, April 17th through Sunday, April 22nd, 10am-8pm hosted by the Greenway Arts Alliance at the new Greenway Court Theatre. Randy Newman was a featured artist for the week and discussed the musical in process "The Education of Randy Newman". There was also a "Theater Critics Panel" made up of representatives from local publications and national journals. Important topics such as "Director as Dramaturg" and "Director as Producer" were also discussed in panel workshops with lengthy question and answer sessions which afforded participants the opportunity to engage in dialogs with seasoned professionals. Martin Benson, the Artistic Director of South Coast Repertory lead a session about  "Starting A Theater". Attendees were also able to observe other director's styles in consecutive scenes from a play. Each chosen director used the same sets of actors, yet created a totally different experience through a varied use of approach. It was the first time the West Coast Lab was attempted and it was hailed as a great success! Guests from 2000 included: Luis Alfaro, Martin Benson, Ernest Dillihay, Robert Egan, Bob Glaudini, Lars Hansen, Don Hill, Jon Lawrence Rivera, Randy Newman, and Carmen Zapata.

Lab Participants


Che'Rae Adams

Jen Albright-Furlong

Kelli Bielema

Vincent Castellanos

Nance Crawford

Nick DeGruccio

Richard Embardo

Jeffrey Anderson

Robert Henry

Nikki Hevesy

Andie Hicks

Herb Issacs

Trent Jones

Barbara Kallir

Chil Long

Christian LeBano

Brian McCarthy

Jane McEneaney

Stephen Moore

Stephan Morrow

Steve Oswley

Meg Patterson

David Rodwin

Steve Rosenbaum

Anthony Runfola

Tony Sears

Chambers Stevens

Ken Tesoriere

Steve Tietsort

Shawn Tolleson

Lisa Tromovitch

Sarah Watland-McCarthy

Joann Yarrow

Justin Yoffe

Guest Artists


Luis Alfaro

Aram Arslanian

Martin Benson

Person Blaetz

Kirsten Brandt

Anne Cattaneo

Dolores Chavez

Ken Cosby

Jim Curtan

Julie Daniels

Ernest Dillihay

Linda Duetch

Robert Egan

Bob Glaudini

Ben Guillory

Lars Hansen

Don Hill

Travis Michael Holder

Jon Holly

Leon Katz

Rob Kendt

Sandro Mastrobuono

Steven Lee Morris

Karyl Newman

Randy Newman

Jon Lawrence Rivera

Jose Rivera

Trefoni Rizzi

Michael Roth

Salvatore Salamone

Mark Seldis

Eddie Torres

Whitney Weston

Kim Wield

Carmen Zapata

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