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Directors Lab West 2009


May 16-23, 2009



The Future of American Theatre


Core Text: 
The Bacchae
by Euripides


DLW 2009 Program

DLW 2009 Quote Book


Directors Lab West 2009 was produced by the Steering Committee, in association with Pasadena Playhouse and Boston Court Performing Arts Center.


Special financial support for Directors Lab West has been received from the Stage Directors & Choreographers Society.


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Producing Steering Committee


Jessica Bard

Nick D'Abruzzo, Founder

Ernest Figueroa, Founder

Brendon Fox

Kappy Kilburn, Founder

Andrew Sachs, Founder


Production Coordinator


Kate Reiner




Rachel Jenkins

Ella Martin

Chelsea Sutton

Laura Webb


Alumni Committee

Larry Biederman

Marc Bruni

Ayanna Cahrr

Cate Caplin

Douglas Clayton

Louis Fantasia

Kelly Ann Ford

Melinda Hall

Chuck Harper

Mary Huls

Cindy Marie Jenkins

Tanya Kane-Perry

Talya Klein

Carrie Klewin

Edgar Landa

Mahayana Landowne

Sharon Lennon

Jeff Liu

Brian Lohmann

Jon Lowe

Karen Lund

Michael Matthews

Jane McEneaney

BP Mendoza

Janet Miller

Mark Mochabee

Oahn Nguyen

Meredith Anne

Janet Roston

Marianne Savell

Lennon Smith

Anne Gisselle Spiegler

Alexander Stephano

Lisa Tromovitch

Kevin Vavasseur

Kate Warner

Amanda Weier

Elissa Weinzimmer

Daniel Wilson

Lisa Wolpe

Joann Yarrow





Photos, Videos & More Coming Soon!


"The Future of the American Theatre" LAB 2009- TENTH ANNIVERSARY  Directors Lab West 2009 was held from Saturday, May 16 through Saturday,  May 23, 2009, at Pasadena Playhouse and the Boston Court Performing Arts Center. The theme for 2009 was " The Future of the American Theatre ". The text for this session was "The Baccahe". The Steering Committee took on the responsibility of planning the first and last day. In addtion six additional sub-committes were formed from Alumni from various years who each planned one additioanl day of the Lab. Notable Actors, Directors, Designers and Choreographers participated in these sessions and shared their experiences. Guests of the 2009 Lab included: Rafael Lopez-Barrentes, Anne Cattaneo, David Sefton, Alexandra Billins, Tina Kronis, Ricahrd Alger, Culture Clash, Designer Speed Dating introduced by designer Trefoni Rizzi and Sheldon Epps. The week culminated with an SDC OPEN DAY of sessions featuring a panel presentation from ALAT (A Laboratory for Actor Training), a session with Michael Hackett and a presentation with by SDC and Board members.

Lab Participants


Andrea Andresakis

Eric Bishop

Alexandra Bisker

Pavel Chavarin

Desdemona Chiang

Brendan Clifford

Dominic D'Andrea

Heather De Michele

Peter DeKramer

Dann Fink

Monique Fisher

Joe Gill

Gina Hayes

Jennifer Jull

Armina LaManna

Jeremy Lapp

Emmett Loverde

Wendy Maples

Christopher Morrison

Jesus Reyes

Paul Rogan

Vickie Rozell

Stasi Schaffer

Kristina Schultz

Efrain Schunior

Elissa Weinzimmer

Stephen Wisker

Guest Artists


Paul Aaron
Luis Alfaro
Richard Alger
Elaine Avila
Elaine Barnett
Marta Beckett
Alexandra Billings
Jason Robert Brown
Martin Carrillo
Mary Casey
Gloria Casteneda
Anne Cattaneo
Nick Daley
Barbara Deutsch
David Diamond
Jon Dorf
Denise Dowd
Holly Poe Durbin
Erik Ehn
Sheldon Epps
Michael John Garces
Michael Hackett
Imani Hayward
Velina Hasu Houston
Diana E. Jordan
Peter Kazaras
Lyle Kessler
Nancy Keystone
Tina Kronis
Jessica Kubzansky
Martin Landau
Paul Lazarus
Roberta Levitow
Rafael Lopez-Barrentes
Lynn Manning
Oliver Mayer
Michael Michetti
Vernice Miller
Josh Miyaji
Richard Montoya
Tom Moore 
Steve Moyer
John Paizis
Audrey Pernell
Brian Polak
Ivan Rivas
Jon Rivera
Beatriz Rizk
Trefoni Rizzi
Wendy Robinson
Marc Rosenthal
Mark Rydell
Ric Salinas
Olga Sanchez
Oz Scott
David Sefton
Neil David Seibel
Herbert Siguenza
Bernardo Solano
Ann Colby Stocking
Michael Sullivan
Jose Luis Valenzuela
Tim Wright
Steven Young
Jonathan Zeichner

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