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Directors Lab West 2012


May 19-26, 2012



Movers and Shakers


Core Text: 
Spring Awakening
by Frank Wedekind



Directors Lab West 2012 was produced by the Steering Committee, in association with Pasadena Playhouse. 


Special financial support for Directors Lab West has been received from the Stage Directors & Choreographers Society.


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Producing Steering Committee


Che'Rae Adams

Jessica Bard
Ernest Figueroa, Founder 
Cindy Marie Jenkins 
Kappy Kilburn, Founde


Production Coordinator

Doug Oliphant




Naomi Bennet

Danielle Oliver

Laura Steinroeder


DLW 2012 Program

DLW 2012 Quote Book


Photos, Videos & More Coming Soon!


"Movers and Shakers" LAB 2012- Directors Lab West 2012 was held from Saturday, May 19 through Saturday, May 26, 2012, at Pasadena Playhouse. The theme for 2012 was "Movers and Shakers". The text for this session was "Spring Awakening". Notable Actors, Directors, Designers and Choreographers participated in these sessions and shared their experiences. Guests of the 2012 Lab included: Vincent Paterson, Diane Rodriguez, Michael Michetti, Jessica Kubzansky, Daniel Stein, Jason Alexander, Aloysia Gavre, and Sheldon Epps. The SDC Open Session was a panel with all the Artistic Directors of the local Regional Theatres including Sheldon Epps, Marc Masterson,  Randal Arney, Michael Ritchie, and Ann E. Wareham.

Lab Participants

Angela Batravil

Gleason Bauer

Jeannette Bent

Daniel Bourque

Alessandra Colasanti

Park Colfield

Angela Cruz

Shira Dubrovner

Rebecca Ennals

Megan Finlay

Dan Fishbach

Gayla Goehl

Caitlin Hart

Rebecca Hayes

Lisa Hopkins

Kyle Lewis

Elisabeth Nails

Natasha Norman

Willow Norton

Jan O'Connor

Monica Payne

Keshuv Prasad

Sabine Ptasznik

Katja Rivera

Brian Robertson

Adam Smith

Daniel Stone

Lisa Szolovits

Amy Clare Tasker

Samantha Tella

Randee Trabitz

Wolfgang Wachalovsky

Diana Wyenn

Guest Artists


Jason Alexander

Matt Almos

Jen Bloom

Rex Camphius

Larry Carpenter

Anne Cattaneo

Leilani Chan

Brett Chapin

Anastasia Coon

Greg Crafts

David Diamond

Heidi Duckler

Geoff Elliot

Sheldon Epps

Michael John Garces

Aloysia Gavre

Gustavo Geirola

James Haffner

Jim Halloran

Bari Hochwald

Steve Julian

Jessica Kubzanksky

Marc Masterson

Michael Michetti

Janet Miller

Caitlin Negron

Robert Negron

Dan O'Connor

Vincent Paterson

Michael Ritchie

Trefoni Rizzi

Damaso Rodriguez

Diane Rodriguez

Guillermo Aviles-Rodriguez

Julia Rodriguez

Paul Rogan

Marc Rosenthal

Daniel Stein

Michael Velez

Ann E. Wareham

Ken Werther

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