Directors Lab West 2006


May 20-27, 2006



Community and Connection


Core Text: 
by Sophocles


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Directors Lab West 2006 was produced by the Steering Committee, in association with The Pasadena Playhouse and Boston Court Performing Arts Center.


Special financial support for Directors Lab West has been received from the Stage Directors & Choreographers Society.


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Producing Steering Committee


Nick D'Abruzzo, Founder
Ernest Figueroa, Founder 
Kappy Kilburn, Founder

Andrew Sachs, Founder


Production Coordinator


Jessica Bard




Mark Frankos

Suzanne Karpinski

Will Pellegrini


Photos, Videos & More Coming Soon!

Lab Participants


Terry J. Barto

Roderick Bauer

Bob Boross

Andrew T. Carter

Pavel Cerny

Sandy Cockrell

Wendy Davidson

Niva Dorell

Brian Feehan

Eric Hayes

David Henderson

Bryant Hernandez

John Kaufmann

Carrie Klewin

Mahayana Landowne

Saundra McClain

Matthew McCray

Barry McNabb

Oanh Nguyen

Marc Santa Maria

Jocelyn Sawyer

Randy Symank

Lori Craig Torok

Patrick Varon

Max Williams

Daniel P.  Wilson

Lisa Wolpe

Guest Artists


John Achorn

Che'Rae Adams

Sue Berkompas

Amick Byram

Rex Camphuis

Ron Celona

Esther Chase

Leigh Curran

Scott Davidson

Steven Dietz

Heidi Duckler

Sheldon Epps

Sara Fadden

Laurel Fahmy

Aloysia Gavre

Christina Giannini

David Ira Goldstein

Paul Graham

Philip Himburg

Mary Huls

John Iacovelli

Tanya Kane-Parry

Rachel Katz-Carey

Jessica Kubzansky

Karen Lund

Michael Michetti

Scott Nolte

Vincent Paterson

Michael Ritchie

Trefoni Rizzi

Marc Rosenthal

Anthony Runfola

Marianna Savell

Adriana Svan

Peter Schneider

Roger Guenveur Smith

Stephen Wadsworth

Kate Warner


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