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Directors Lab West 2002


May 18-25



Actors and Process


Core Text: 
Twelfth Night
by William Shakespeare


DLW 2002 Program

DLW 2002 Quote Book


Directors Lab West 2002 was produced by the Steering Committee, in association with Pasadena Playhouse and the Lincoln Center Theater.


Special financial support for Directors Lab West has been received from Lincoln Center Theater and the Stage Directors & Choreographers Society.


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Producing Steering Committee


Nick D'Abruzzo, Founder

Ernest Figueroa, Founder

Kappy Kilburn, Founder

Andrew Sachs, Founder


Production Assistant


Aaron Snook




Jessica Bard

Nelson Eusebio

Tanya Railback-Hamilton



Photos, Videos & More Coming Soon!


"Actors and Process" LAB 2002 - Directors Lab West 2002 was held from Saturday, May 18 through May, 25, 2002 co-hosted for the first time by Pasadena Playhouse and the newly opened Boston Court Performing Arts Center. The theme for 2002 was "Actors and Process" and we workshopped, discussed and developed style, technique and new ideas for working with actors. Notable Actors and Directors participated in these sessions and shared their experiences. Sessions from the Lab included: Sheldon Epps and the process of creating "Play On"; Anne Cattaneo; Natsuko Ohama and the Actors Voice; Twelfth Night workshops led by Dakin Matthews, Lisa Wolpe, Andrew Barnicle, Des McAnuff, Kim Weild and Suzuki/Viewpoints; and Guest Artists George Furth, Darryl Hickman, Martin Benson, Luis Alfaro, Kay Cole, Richard Thomas, Charlayne Woodard, Caroline Lagerfelt, and Tonya Pinkins. The source text for 2002 was Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night." Guests from 2002 included: Luis Alfaro, Andrew Barnicle, Martin Benson, Gordon Davidson, Sheldon Epps, Darryl Hickman, Dakin Matthews, Des McAnuff, Natsuko Ohama, Tonya Pinkins, Richard Thoms,  Lisa Wolpe, and Charlayne Woodard.

Lab Participants


Francisca Beach

Martin Bedoian

Jay Bushman

Amick Byram

Max Cabot

Cecil Catellucci

Ron Celona

Alexis Chamowq

Gregg Daniel

Adam Davidson

John DiFusco

David Ellenstein

Louis Fantasia

Lisa Anne Glomb

James Haffner

Avriel Hillman

Elizabeth Hyer Rose

Jack Kandel

Rachel Katz Carey

Charlie Kearns

Jonathan Levit

Karen Lund

Will Mead

Laura Lynn Miera

Rory Mitchell

Soren Oliver

Dan Oliverio

Vincent Paterson

Kate Randolph

Ken Sawyer

Tom Seidman

Judy Smith

Xander Stephano

Don Stewart

Elizabeth Swensen

Lisa Teichner

Scott Whitney

Christian Wolf

Laurie Woolery

Jennifer Yun

Gregg Zerkle


Guest Artists


Luis Alfaro

Andrew Barnicle

Martin Benson

Anne Cattaneo

Kay Cole

Eleanor Comegys

Gordon Davidson

Deaf West Theatre Company

Ernest Dillihay

Sheldon Epps

George Furth

Myrna Gawryn

Darryl Hickman

Herb Isaacs

Caroline Lagerfelt

Dakin Matthews

Des McAnuff

Natsuko Ohama

Tonya Pinkins

Richard Thomas

Lisa Tromovitch

Kim Weild

Lisa Wolpe

Charlayne Woodard

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