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Guiding Principles

There are many excellent programs that focus on the practical needs of directors and choreographers for internships, assistant positions, and residencies . . . However. . . 


Directors Lab West was established on long-held principles of diversity and inclusion with a history of promoting dynamic cultural exchange between mid-career directors and choreographers from a variety of diverse backgrounds. This commitment to cultural and artistic diversity is not only reflected over the entirety of our alumni, but also extends to our esteemed Artistic Advisory Council, our dedicated organizers, and supporters, as well as our impressive roster of past presenters.  


The mission of Directors Lab West is to support and nurture the growth of emerging and established theater directors and choreographers through a collaborative and rigorous artistic process. We aim to foster a diverse and inclusive community of artists and to provide a platform for the development and presentation of a variety of diverse ideas and the exploration of new work. Our goal is to contribute to the cultural vitality of the community and to advance the art of directing and choreography.

  • FOCUS – Discovery, Development, Exploration

Directors Lab West is an immersive, in-person laboratory that focuses on the exchange of ideas about and approaches to directing and choreography, including varied interpretations of classical and contemporary theater and performance, artist collaborations, and the discovery, development, and exploration of new work.


  • ARTISTIC EXCHANGE – Between Theatre Artists 

Directors Lab West is an artist-driven laboratory rooted in the tradition of working theater people sharing knowledge with their fellow theatre-makers. The Lab celebrates learning and artistic growth among multi-generational theater artists from all backgrounds, working side-by-side in an atmosphere of inspiration, ideas, and exchange.


  • COMMUNITY – Theatre Directors and Choreographers

Directors Lab West brings together directors and choreographers at all stages of their careers, whose work is experimental, traditional and everything in between. The Lab values the diversity of ideas and approaches, facilitating interaction and engagement in pursuit of artistic challenges and enrichment. It is this sense of community across artistic lines which is one of the Lab’s greatest successes. 


  • IDEAS – Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, Success

Directors Lab West recognizes and honors the power of storytelling in its many forms, rooted in diverse cultural traditions. Diverse voices and collaboration are essential in the creation of art that speaks to the complexity of our world. As theatre artists, we are committed to those who pursue the universal art of storytelling: be that through music, movement, or spoken word. Directors Lab West strives to reflect the entirety of our theatrical community and the diverse spectrum of its artists.


  • WORK – Connect, Explore, Engage

Directors Lab West is a place for working theatre artists to connect, explore, and engage with new ideas and diverse practices. Every year, sessions are intended to foster artistic collaboration and partnership between directors, choreographers and fellow theatre artists including actors, playwrights, designers, ensembles, stage managers, and many more. 


  • LAB SESSIONS - Variety, Exploration, Celebration

Directors Lab West features a variety of working sessions including panels, workshops, guest speakers, creative exploration, as well as the celebration of small and large theatrical productions throughout the Los Angeles area. A wide range of artists, alumni, and friends help foster peer relationships and broaden our network by suggesting collaborations, proposing sessions, and inviting new artists to engage with us.

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