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Directors Lab West 2001


April 7-14, 2001



Plays and Playwrights


Core Text: 
King Lear
by William Shakespeare


DLW 2001 Program

DLW 2001 Quote Book

Directors Lab West 2001 was produced by the Steering Committee, in association with Greenway Arts Alliance and the Lincoln Center Theater.


Special financial support for Directors Lab West has been received from the Stage Directors & Choreographers Society.


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Producing Steering Committee


Nick D'Abruzzo, Founder

Ernest Figueroa, Founder

Olivia Honegger, Founder

Kappy Kilburn, Founder

Andrew Sachs, Founder


Alumni Committee

Che'Rae Adams

Jennifer Furlong

Herb Isaacs

Tony Sears

Justin Yoffe




Aaron Snook

Jessica Chapman-Flores

Alisa Matlovsky



Photos, Videos & More Coming Soon!


"Plays and Playwrights" LAB 2001 - Directors Lab West 2001 was held from Saturday, April 7th through Saturday, April 14th, 10am-10pm once again hosted by the hosted by the Greenway Arts Alliance at the new Greenway Court Theatre. Lab 2001 also featured the new "Lear Project". Directors Lab West, in collaboration with Los Angeles Theater Center and Wordsmiths began developing, writing and staging four productions inspired by William Shakespeare's "King Lear." Rehearsals and workshops on the Projects were scheduled in the evenings during the week of the lab.The Directors Lab West produced projects expanded the idea of the Lab to create an arena for Director/Writer Collaboration and Development. The Lear Project was a mission dedicated to the creation, production and publication of new plays united by a common theme. The playwright/director teams worked together from inception to production in this process-oriented journey that uses classical text as a starting point for the creation of new works. For 2001, that classical text was William Shakespeare's King Lear. These were not adaptations. Instead these plays were interpretations derived from the themes of the source text. The plays are being guided through a structured four-tiered process: Creation, Workshop, Production, and finally Publication in an annual anthology with playwright and director journals. The collaboration and creation stages have begun for the Lear Project. In the evenings during the week of the lab, those playwrights and directors workshopped their pieces with Lab attendees. In the future, it is our hope that the resulting plays will be produced for fully staged runs and published. Guests from 2001 included: Luis Alfaro, John Beluso, Ernest Dillihay, Sheldon Epps, John Glore, Dakin Matthews, Kelly Stewart, Mark Valdez, Kim Weild, Lisa Wolpe, and Chay Yew.

Lab Participants


Richard Alger

Shirley Anderson

Jackie Apodaca

Larry Biederman

Russel Blackwood

Susan Boulanger

Tony Castellano

Clive Chafer

Leandro Flint-Esquerra

Robin Fontaine

Tim Forrest

Reva Fox

Alex Furth

Elizabeth Garrot

Denise Gillman

Julia Hamilton

Lise Ann Johnson

Thomas Dean Kellogg

Alexis Kozak

Tina Kronis

Edgar Landa

Caroline Liem

Jenny Lord

Mark Mocahbee

Scott Rabinowitz

Greg Alan Schuh

Tom Sonnek

Kevin Vavasseur

Kate Warner

John Warren



Guest Artists


Luis Alfaro

John Belluso

Kirsten Brandt

Anne Cattaneo

Ken Cosby

Ernest Dillihay

Roger Durling

Sheldon Epps

Phyllis Frelich

Jennifer Furlong

John Glore

Richard Hellesen

Tom Kellog

Corey Madden

Dakin Matthews

Mark Medoff

Kent Nicholson

Robert Steinberg

Kelly Stewart

Mark Valdez

Kim Weild

Lisa Wolpe

Chay Yew

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