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Directors Lab West 2011


June 11-18, 2011



Exploring The Bigger Picture 


Core Text: 
Good Person Setzchuan
by Bertolt Brecht


DLW 2011 Program

DLW 2011 Quote Book


Directors Lab West 2011 was produced by the Steering Committee, in association with Pasadena Playhouse. 


Special financial support for Directors Lab West has been received from the Stage Directors & Choreographers Society.


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Producing Steering Committee


Che'Rae Adams
Jessica Bard

Ernest Figueroa, Founder 
Brendon Fox

Cindy Marie Jenkins 
Kappy Kilburn, Founder


Associate Producer


Rachel Jenkins


Production Coordinator


Doug Oliphant




Hunter Bird

Rowen Haigh

Helena Geeffay



Photos, Videos & More Coming Soon!


"Exploring the Bigger Picture" LAB 2011- Directors Lab West 2011 was held from Saturday, June 11 through Saturday, June 18, 2011, at Pasadena Playhouse. The theme for 2011 was "Exploring the Bigger Picture". The text for this session was "The Good Person of Setzchuan". Notable Actors, Directors, Designers and Choreographers participated in these sessions and shared their experiences. Guests of the 2011 Lab included: Geoff Elliot, Julia Rodriguez, Anne Cattaneo, Marc Masterson, Kate Warner, Robert Prior, Lisa Wolpe, David Diamond, Michael John Garcés, Todd London, and Sheldon Epps. Similar to the New York designers Clambake the SDC Open Session was attendance at The Art Institute of California — Hollywood Portfolio Show displaying designers of tomorrow.

Lab Participants


Jeremy Alumna

Adrianna Baer

Abigail Zealey Bess

Donnie Betts

Tom Beyer

Shelley Carter

Alejandra Cisneros

Erin Daley

James DeMaiolo

Sarah Fiske

Sarah Fraser

Kimberly Faith Hickman

Alexis Jacknow

Nathan Jeffrey

McKerrin Kelly

Dylan Levers

Sabrina Lloyd

Beth Lopes

Rich Martinez

Vickie Mendoza

Jenny Mercien

Nicholas Minas

Nick Olivero

Nancy Dobbs Owens

Lisa Pelikan

Robert Petarca

Barbara Schofield

Michael Shepperd

Tony Testa

Ryder Thorton

Diana Van Fossen

Kendra Ware

Emily Wells

Tracy Woodward

Guest Artists


Jason Alexander

Sekou Andrews

Terence Anthony

Jon Armstrong

Guillermo Aviles-Rodriguez
Chris Butler
Philip Bynoe
Rex Camphius
Larry Carpenter
Anne Cattaneo
Joe Luis Cedillo
Alexis Chamow
Steve Cisneros
David Diamond
Heidi Duckler
Erik Ehn
Geoff Elliott
Sheldon Epps
Lindsay Evans
Michael John Garces
Aloysia Gavre
Michael Evan Haney
Tyrone Giordano
Carrie Klewin
Jessica Kubzansky
Todd London
Lauren Lovett
Catherine MacKinnon
Marc Masterson
Jason Minadakis
Janet Miller
Tom Moore
Cricket Myers
Vincent Patterson
Laura Penn
Robert Prior
Oz Scott
Kevin Smith
Deb Snyde
Julia Rodriguez
Kate Warner
Ellisa Weinzimmer
Barbara Wolkoff
Lisa Wolpe

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