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Directors Lab West 2019


May 25–June 1, 2019


The Journey:

From Roots to Reinvention

Core Text: 

Oedipus El Rey

by Luis Alfaro

DLW 2019 Program

DLW 2019 Quote Book


Directors Lab West 2019 is produced by the Steering Committee, in association with Pasadena Playhouse.


Special financial support for Directors Lab West has been received from the Stage Directors & Choreographers Society.


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Producing Steering Committee


Che'Rae Adams
Ernest Figueroa, Founder 
Janet Miller

Diana Wyenn


Associate Producers

Martin Jago

Donna Simone Johnson

Gary Lamb

Debbie McMahon

Matt Ritchey

Randee Trabitz

Gina Young


Production Coordinator

Kathryn Wilson



Kyle Best 

Emily Claeys

Melissa Coleman-Reed

Kez Settle

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Group photo by Martin Jago

"The Journey: from Roots to Reinvention" LAB 2019- TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY  Directors Lab West 2019 was held from Saturday, May 25 through Saturday, June 1, 2019, at Pasadena Playhouse, Kirk Douglas Theatre, East West Players and Boston Court Pasadena. The theme for 2019 was "The Journey: from Roots to Reinvention". The text for this session was "Oedipus and Oedipus El Rey". Notable Actors, Directors, Designers and Choreographers participated in these sessions and shared their experiences. Many of our own Alumni were featured throughout the week. Guests of the 2019 Lab included: Daniel Stein, Dwayne Hartford, Dan O’Connor, Anthony Runfola, Debbie Devine, Luis Alfaro, Andrew Pearson, Carly Weckstein and Danny Feldman. The week culminated with an SDC OPEN DAY of sessions featuring Alumni Marc Bruni (DLW’03), a workshop from Daniel Stein with the Lab ending with a session with Diane Rodriguez.



Lab Participants


Lisa Bierman
Chrissy Burns
Jay Carlon
Elizabeth Carter
Dennis Corsi
Gregory Crafts
Jeff Croff
Susan Dalian
Lisa Devine
Deanna Downes
Lisa Dring
Rosanna Gamson
Sheetal Gandhi
Jennifer Goff
Jessica Hanna
Jennifer Jonassen
Sara Judge
Scott Knowles
Erin Langley
David Ian Lee
Katie Lindsay
Branda Lock
Ryan Luzzo
Kathren Martin
Kelly McMahon
Annie McVey
Vincenzo Meduri
Antonio Miniño
Andrew Nienaber
Doug Oliphant
Jillian Petrie
Richard Piatt
Brandon Pugmire
Melissa Randel
Rebecca Schaffer
Makiko Shibuya
Stacy Stearns
Laura Stribling
Tara Vallee
Tracy Ward
Denise Warnsby
Dashiell Waterbury
Hannah Wolf
Annie Yee



Guest Artists


Luis Alfaro
Susan Angelo
Larry Carpenter
Martín Carrillo
Melissa Chalsma
Kate Bergh
Tim Dang
Snehal Desai (DLW’14)
Debbie Devine
Stefanie Black
David Bridel
Marc Bruni (DLW’03)
Danny Feldman
Dwayne Hartford
Martin Jago (DLW’14)
Laura Karlin (DLW’14)
Jessica Kubzansky
Ted Lange
Edgar Landa (DLW’01)
Bruce Lemon (DLW’16)
Marc Macalintal
Debbie McMahon (DLW ‘14)
Preston Mui
Dan O’Connor (DLW’08)
Andrew Pearson (DLW’18)
Anna Robinson
Trefoni Michael Rizzi
Anthony Runfola (DLW’00)
Diane Rodriguez
Daniel Stein
Deena Selenow
Elizabeth Swain
Matt Walker
Carly D. Weckstein (DLW’16)
Gina Young (DLW’18)
Steven Young

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